December Spotlight, Contests,
26.1 Release, and more!

Yemassee continues its perpetual reinvention, even in December, as both the year and the decade draw to a close.
2019 has been a crucible for the magazine, one in which Cody, Dylan and I and all of Yemassee’s editors and readers
evaluated which traditions we wished to carry forward and which might be holding the journal back.

Yemassee’s annual digital issue became the new Monthly Spotlight, allowing us a more dynamic online publishing platform
and more opportunity to publish the work of writers we love. December’s Spotlight features the work of
John Dewey, Darren Donate, Kurt Luchs, Ron Riekki, Ashley Roach-Freiman, and Pablo Piñero Stillmann.
Yemassee Online’s most recent offerings of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry possess both a gravity and a softness fitting for December.
Collected together in the spotlight, we feel they form a surprising but harmonious union in the year’s final month.

The full listing of works cultivated for December is available here

Additionally, as we keep old and begin new traditions, Yemassee opened submissions for our 6th Annual Poetry Chapbook prize
(from which we will select ten finalists for 2020’s guest judge and wonderful poet/person Gabrielle Calvocoressi). To accompany our Poetry Chapbook contest, Yemassee– for the first time ever– also began accepting submissions in long-form Fiction as well, as we launched
our 2020 Inaugural Fiction Chapbook prize.

The guidelines for both are available on our contests page.
We hope you’ll consider submitting and sharing our newest venture during this year and next.

Finally, the end of 2019 brings with it the end of the previous year’s publishing cycle: Issue 26.1 had a celebrated release and is now available for purchase.
We thank Sarah, Trez, and Andrew and all of last year’s readers and editors for their contributions to Yemassee in 2018-2019,
even as we eagerly anticipate sharing with you the developments that await in the coming year.

all our best,
Cody, Dylan, and Victoria
Senior Editors



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