Welcome to the New Monthly Spotlight!

Starting in Fall of 2019, Yemassee’s online publication platform is evolving from a single digital issue available for purchase each year to a dynamic, cyclical collection of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that we will feature and rotate every month, and are making available to everyone.

As past readers and editors, Cody, Dylan and I have encountered more works than any print issue could contain– works that we returned to, that we were inspired by, that we loved– and once we became Senior Editors knew we needed to create an adaptive space to home. Finally, Yemassee’s Monthly Spotlight, our new online platform, is here.

We begin in November, the last month for planting seeds here in South Carolina for successful germination, and are featuring the works of Bryce Berkowitz, Carrie Chappell, Stephanie Dickinson, Patrycja Humienik, Heikki Hutari, Tyler Munro and Ray Nayler. We at Yemassee have found their poetry, stories, and memoir compelling and provocative, and we hope you will too. Their work is featured below on our home page and will continue to be featured for the rest of the month. Each month will begin a new cycle, but as we consider each of these spotlights to be distinct collections, you can find every monthly curation under our ‘Spotlight’ Menu.

The full listing of works cultivated for November is available here

If you are a long-time reader and supporter or are new to our publication, thank you for visiting and taking the time to support Yemassee and the writers it celebrates. We hope you enjoy the new Monthly Spotlight, and will return in the coming months for each new transformation.

all our best,
Cody, Dylan, and Victoria
Senior Editors



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