November Spotlight

Poetry: “Tallulah You Are Not Mine” by Carrie Chappell

A woman in my workshop
Once told me that the way in which

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Poetry: “Pattern Recognition” by Heikki Hutari

We might have called it optimal and coming off the injured list we might have felt that we were flying. What if we inhaled tautology and exhaled contradiction, waited till the master plan was finalized and then found fault?

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Poetry: “Yeah, Sure” and “We’re Not There Yet” by Bryce Berkowitz

Deep in the blue-green hills,
beyond the butterfly bush, hours from the heartland,
worn-down by the brocades of homesickness—a ladybug
walks along the slender leaf of an aloe plant.

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Poetry: “in case of emergency” by Patrycja Humienik

if/when glass enters the bloodstream try not to panic
you can cry you can drink detox tea phone a friend take the call in the tub go to urgent care it is

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Fiction: “Cat Out of the Bag” by Tyler Munro

Cynthia killed Mr. Personality.

Smothered him lights out under Richard’s special neck pillow. He didn’t look dead, though. Just asleep. His punched-in Persian face all mellow.

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larger version of IfIWereYou

Fiction: “If I Were You” by Ray Nayler

1. If I were you, I would pack my bags and leave this place. I would not pack everything: I would select a certain number of the most important items. I would cancel my cell phone, because carrying a cell phone is not leaving.

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Non-Fiction: “Cinders” by Stephanie Dickinson

Resurrect the girl getting off the Trailways in Raleigh, a backwater capital. The bus has stopped in every town since the Blue Ridge Mountains and the smell of the coach is steeped in cold tobacco smoke and the guts of meat lunches.

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