Seasonal Spotlight, Summer 2021

Here at Yemassee, we believe that great writing reflects our deepest human traits–care and compassion for our world & each other, an unflinching desire to find beauty in our experiences, the willingness to examine & question all that unsettles us, and the awareness to accept change as necessary for continued growth. As we transition to the new editorial staff, we would like to present our Seasonal Spotlight, a collection of writing influenced by our current moment and dedicated to bringing our humanity to the page. We hope our readers are as excited as we are about each of these great works.

Poetry: epigenetics or: time draws a circle” by nicole v basta

which summer is this
              arithmetic is one thing, freckles another
                   power drags from the east in a late august storm
                                 the grass bends like earth’s gymnasts
                                               how their hands are too silent for a number

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Non-Fiction: “Fire Dancer” by Wendy Fontaine

I walk along dusty streets at the base of the Verdugo Mountains just north of Los Angeles, my gaze fixed upon the jagged horizon, where an angry orange line burns, jumping and snapping, devouring brush and charring the landscape. Last night, shifting winds pushed wildfire over the canyon close to my home, the one I share with my husband and our daughter, who, like the city, is named after angels.

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