November Spotlight

Complex human relationships are one of the driving forces found in all good writing. We want to read works that make us feel visible and vulnerable and strive to be better versions of ourselves. Yemassee Online’s November Spotlight features a varied collection of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry that skillfully explores the ways in which these relationships unfold. We hope our readers are equally impressed by each of these offerings.

Poetry: American Sycamore” by Lisbeth White

did they forget
the vibration
of our throats
in the shade?

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Poetry: Hallowing, or The Black Body Returns” by Lisbeth White

reparations begin
     the body,   within
the striations of muscle
    to tendon, nerve to tissue

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Poetry: True Story” by Anthony Warnke

The #MeToo movement sweeps through the academy, then through American Buddhism, and back. Chairmen of the Reason Industry wear the same leather jackets as chairmen of the New Age.

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Fiction: “The Worst” by Shala Erlich

   I thought the worst was over. Surgery, chemo, hormonal treatment, which they don’t tell you is actually hormone-blocking treatment. So then: hot flashes, crappy sleep, looking for clothes that disguise my lopsided chest.

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Non-Fiction: “Ten Days to Hold You” by Richard Prins

There are no arrival cards to scribble in, no scanner for my fingerprints. Just two ladies at a desk. One asks the questions, the other stamps passports. The questioner wants to know if I’m here “on business”.

            “No, just visiting.”

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