March Spotlight

In honor of our travels to AWP, for March’s Spotlight Yemassee Online has curated a collection of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry exploring movement, one that we think evokes the freedoms, choices, and dangers of journeys — both figurative and literal. Whether pushed forward or anchored in place, we hope they remind their readers of chance,
of the constancy of change, of anticipation for what waits just around the bend on a road that never stops unraveling.

Poetry: “My Mother Tries to Teach Me about Cars” by Hannah Dow

If a man offers to help you
carry something heavy to your car
flex your biceps and say no thanks.

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Poetry: “fall out” by Lauren Frausto

like the mushroom cloud
that follows mankinds’ greatest foible
all the rouge neutrons
the atomic sun abomination

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Poetry: “My Two Cents” by David Rock

Here is a grain of salt, a pocket full of posies, ashes,
crumbs for retracing our steps (if only we could), or better:

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Poetry: “Hard Waitress” by Scott Hutchison

Haze Madison works the unpainted cinderblock bar out on the lost
western edge of town. Broken-windowed shells of two gas stations,
a small-time propane distributor and a chain-link fence company
all relinquish room for parking. Potholed gravel lots; the damned thirsty

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Fiction: “Corner of Main and Paradise” by Dawn Abeita

   The man stands on the same street corner near the wire garbage can every day. He never sits or squats or leans. He is a pole, planted on the corner like a reminder of something.

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Non-Fiction: “The Road” by Carolyn Schultz-Rathbun

    The road is straight for miles: not that you can see that with the gentle roll of the land but you’ve driven and walked and run it for thirty years and you have it in your heart dull and gray on a moonless night

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