December Spotlight

Yemassee Online’s December 2019 offerings of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry possess both a gravity and a softness fitting for December. Collected together in the spotlight, we feel they form a surprising but harmonious union in the year’s final month.


Poetry: “For K” by Darren Donate

The great lone Spanish words, like a Castilian ship
come into full view when the air is still.

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Poetry: “Falling In the Direction of Up” by Kurt Luchs

Are birds jealous of angels
because they can fly in realms beyond the physical?

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Poetry: “Hunger Strike” and “Say anything but” by Ashley Roach-Freiman

What kind of violator are you?
The world is a ridiculously human place

that wounds forever.
I want to be hungry ‘til I die.

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Lil Cloud Factory

Poetry: “THE LIL’ CLOUD FACTORY” by Pablo Piñero Stillmann

OK, so they were right: it’s not financially viable. We put an ad in the local paper, but no one has any interest in purchasing our Franco-Austrian cloud machines. Abby writes a titan of industry reminding him that clouds have cool names like stratocumulus.

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Fiction: “All Parent Email” by J.S. Dewey

Dear Parents,

I wish I could say I was up at the whiteboard this morning, on my feet, differentiating clauses and verb choices for students, making their sentences pop with a medley of dry-erase colors. Instead I’m bunkered into the corner of my classroom typing a defense of my lesson.

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Non-Fiction: “Wait” by Ron Riekki

One of the EMTs talks about a medic walking into his ambulance company to ask for directions. The H.R. person is there, gives him the directions. Before he leaves, he happens to mention that he’s a medic. She tells him to hold on, would he like a job?

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