Two Poems by Ashley Roach-Freiman

Two Poems

by Ashley Roach-Freiman


Hunger Strike

What kind of violator are you?
The world is a ridiculously human place

that wounds forever.
I want to be hungry ‘til I die.

Can you find me a good kisser?
Can you help me with this socket wrench?

I want to be hungry forever.
We will be hoisted into infinity

by a tiny tornado spout.
I am selfish and beautiful

and I should stop running around.
No, none of this will work.

Sing, sing, sing to me and soothe my aching, palpating heart.


Say Anything But


god tho it’s hot     out   and
will be forever      so  heavy
so doldrum so                    
dumb the men i carry
all the men i  wool    around
even    now         i       doubt
the cicadas               static spit 
why didn’t i      name   them
the green so heavy      so flat
so bright                          (his
name)             sharp aim   did
i              (did i)         
repeat the action                 in
                       i did      ( i did)
a story made from         music
                     from      memory
in the body                      the
memory-made         summer
humid and dank       (i can’t)



Ashley Roach-Freiman is a librarian and poet with work appearing or forthcoming in Bone Bouquet, THRUSH Poetry Journal, The Literary Review, Ghost Proposal, and Nightjar Review. A chapbook, Bright Along the Body, is available from dancing girl press. She is currently working on a full-length collection. Find out more at